March 3, 2010


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Ok awhile back I talked about my son Salomon who has trouble with school. Well I am very happy to report that my son has all A’s and B’s ! I really don’t know what happened like finally after all these years something clicked! I am so proud of him! I hope he can keep it up! I am so relieved! I think he only really has one B! anyway just wanted to let everyone know he is doing great in school!


My Date last Saturday

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Salomon, MARIO LOPEZ, me!

Everyone laughed becuase I said don’t call me don’t look for me on Saturday I’m busy I have a date with Mario Lopez! It was like a 5 second date but hey I’ll take it! I’m still excited about meeting him! He was so nice and so sweet! I really didn’t expect that. But it is a memory I will never forget!


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OMG I have not posted since November! Wow I m so bad at this! Well if there’s anyone still out there I do plan to post more now. Still busy as ever but I will make an effort to make time.

November 9, 2009

Wrestling pics

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Salomon, Tyson, Cruz, and Fabian


Fabian's first win of the Day!








Mkey's first Match


Mikey's first win of three!


Angel and Fabian



November 7, 2009

First Tournament of the Season!

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Today the boys went to their first tournament of the Season. It was at Fife High School, in Fife, Washington. It was a round robin. Along with my boys Salomon, Cruz and Fabian, we had 3 friends of ours join the team. Mikey Villela, Diego Martinez, and Tyson Patton!  All the boys did great and I along with their parents are super proud of all of them!  It was bitter sweet becuase Tito wasn’t able to be here with them. I know it was killing him to miss this season.  Angel is too old to wrestle with the boys, so he took over his Dad’s position coaching the boys! It was so cute! The boys listened to him, and I’m sure he contributed to their success today! He looked just like his Dad, polo shirt, clipboard in hand. A true professional. I am so proud of him!  And the lil girl who sang the National Anthem! ADM! She did such a great job! I forgot her name but she is a sophmore at  MT. Tahoma High school. Awesome job! It brought tears to my eyes and gave me the chills, made me think of Tito! It was a great day! I will post pics from today soon!

November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

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This year Angel was Peyton Manning, Salomon was a Devil, Cruz and Fabian were Mario Brothers- Mario and Luigi! LOL DSC02869DSC02870DSC02868It was really nice this year Angel and Mon took the lil boys out for about an hour then they went back out for about another hour. After that Angel brought Mon home and he went out with some of his friends to a huanted house!  It was felt strange that the older ones were old enough to take the lil ones, it made Tito and I feel old, but at the same time it was nice.  They all brought home lots of candy which we will be sending it to Grandpo! LOL

Cruz’s 8th Birthday

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Salomon, Mikey, Cruz, Angel, Fabian and Tyson

Just a lil get together for Cruz’s Birthday, then we took him out to eat at Red Robin!

Copy of DSC02857Copy of DSC02864Copy of DSC02865Copy of DSC02852I can not believe my baby is 8 years old! Man I feel old! We got him a skateboard which is what he has been asking for, for awhile. Tito and I were nervous about getting him one.  So the very next day Tito took him out to watch him skateboard, and he was amazed on how well Cruz can skateboard! We had no clue that he had any skills in that area! Who knew?


November 5, 2009


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Ok ok I am really bad about updating my blog. Sorry! My excuse is that we’ve had a lot going on lately. Ok first getting ready to open the Daycare has been chaotic. I’ve had to take a lot of last minute classes and things to get ready to open. Good news I should be able to open soon! Second Tito came home on      R & R. He was home for 15 days. The time went by too fast. He came home the day before Cruz’s 8th birthday. The kids actually came home from school early that day. I told the kids I’d be right back that I had an appointment. I left Angel in charge of course. And I came back with their DAD! They had no clue he was coming home. Of course I didn’t tell them because if something changed like it so often does then they would be disapointed. So anyway when I walked in the house the kids were jumping and yelling acting wild like they know how when I’m away and they saw me walk in the back door and
I kind of went off to the side and it took them a minute before they saw their Dad, I think Angel was the first one to yell “DAD!” then they all screamed “DAD” and ran to him. It was so cute!

So the next day we had a little birthday Party for Cruz with cupcakes and a few of his friends, then we took him out to eat at Red Robin.  More on Cruz’s birthday in the next entry.

While Tito was here he got to see all the kids play their last games. Mon’s Last Football game. Cruz’s and Fabian last Soccer game and Angels last Football game. So that was really nice.  He was also here for the first two weeks of wrestling practice. Of course you all know he was loving that! The only thing that sucks is that the boys first meet is this Saturday and Tito leaves tomorrow. So everyone please pray for his plane to be delayed!

I’m sure there are more things i should be putting in this entry, but I’m going to go spend some time with my husband!

Love you all!

October 10, 2009


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Soon I will be a certified FCC (Family Child Care) provider. I took a free class that the Army offers and soon I will be a licensed Child Care Provider.  I am so excited. At first I only took the class wanting to watch a friend of mine’s child after school, and long story short in order for him to switch schools and go to the same school as my kids I have to be a certified provider. So I thought ok no big deal i will take the class, its a week long course and how hard can it be right? Well needless to say it is a government program, and run by the Army so what does that mean? Tons and tons of paperwork… forms, forms and more forms. The trainng was very intense and very fast considering all of the information you are expected to retain! LOL. So I went into this not really thinking that I am going to come away with running my own business or watching other children other than a couple of my friends kids. I learned a lot, and even things I can use on my own kids. Not to mention all of the money I can make, the army offers subsdidies and the USDA pays for food for your daycare kids, on top of what the parents pay.  Today my kitchen and part of my dinnng room looks like a daycare center. LOL. I completed my training except for my CPR which I will take at the end of this month, and passed my inspection and recieved my starter kit that was given to me by the FCC office and I should be able to open by the begining of November! WOO HOO! I am very happy I decided to this, it also gives me a chance to go to college paid for by the ARMY! I just need to stick with the this program.  And to me the most valueable part of this whole thing daycare nightmare is that I get to stay home with my kids and be here when they get home from school and still get paid and do my job. It doesn’t get any better than that.  I want to give a shout out to all the wonderful ladies at the FCC Office, Grace, Judy, Keyong, Ardith, Jennifer, Virginia and my wonderful director Miniola! without their dedication and love for children makes the FCC program at Fort Lewis truly a great program! Thank You! I cant wait to open!!!!!

October 5, 2009


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Salomon and Tata

Salomon and Tata

Ok as everyone knows my son Salomon struggles is in school. All summer long I have been thinking about just home schooling him. In my mind he is not learning what he is supposed to be learning in school so trying to home school couldn’t hurt right? I mean no offense to the teachers but shit we have been struggling with him since kindergarten, and am not blaming the school or the teachers, I know my son is an ideal student.  We have moved several times and he has had many teachers , then i thought about that, well none that probably helped it him out either. I have been deabting this issue in my own mind. I have done a lot of research about different programs we can do.  And last week we got his test results from the state exams they took last year. Needless to say he failed every subject. Some people have told me well you can’t really get upset over those standardized tests, but aren’t those tests there for a reason? Ok so he is in 5th grade this year, he has already been held back one time. They will not hold him back again, regardless if he learns the material because of his age. Now what would you do at this point? I’ve been to the school or schools asked that he be tested and when they finally did test him they said nothing is wrong with him. Don’t get me wrong I love my Monie, but I am afraid if I don’t do something drastic now by the time he will be in Junior high or middle school he will have lost all interest in doing well in school. He’ll be so far behind he won’t be able to catch up. Also I am nervous about being his only educator, that is a scary thought! I just want him to be ok, I mean I know he will probably never be a straight A student and I am fine with that, but I don’t want him to struggle anymore. I have spoke to some parents who do homeschool, and they are very dedicated and wonderful at it. They all had the same fears I have and that was we don’t want to do a dis service to our kids. They told me that once they made the decision to Home school they never looked back and they are glad they did. That gives me hope! At the same time, I am still torn. Could I do a better job teaching my kid than the school full of educators who went to school for years so that they can teach? Aye! I don’t know. Any sugguestions?  I have a another meeting with Salomons teacher and princepal and counselor on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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